Jul 1, 2014

Red Jeeps at Savana

I’ll go out of home soon so I have no time to write more words here. I just share rented red jeeps that bring visitors inside Bromo National Park (East Java, Indonesia). Actually the jeeps transportation is colorful but for Ruby Tuesday Too, I choose mostly the red ones.
Colorful jeeps
Reed jeeps

4 komentar:

Mascha July 01, 2014  

What a cool safari!
Have a great time yet :-)

Leovi July 01, 2014  

Yes, I like those Jeeps! Nice pictures!

Gemma Wiseman July 02, 2014  

Those jeeps certainly are a bright glow in the countryside. Interesting photos.

Magical Mystical Teacher July 02, 2014  

Red must be a popular color for jeeps!

Staining the Desert Red

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