Jul 9, 2014

The Secret of Fitter Body

Have you ever felt how unpleasant when your body suddenly weak, limp, and you want to keep sleeping? While at the same time a lot of work needs to be done. This circumstance will indirectly affect your performance.  When the time you should work for money, you just laze and sleep.

The body is like a machine that always works. Like the engine, fatigue occurs naturally in the body that is too hard working. In addition, the body also requires a balanced fuel. So how do you give a suitable fuel for your body? Consider the following secrets to have fitter body:


1.Increase magnesium consumption.
It may seem too scientific for us who don’t understand chemistry problems. Clearly,  magnesium minerals needed by the body and you can get it from a healthy diet. The next question, is food that you eat each day has met the standard of healthy foods?

2.Routine walking.
Based on the data, performing physical activities such as walking tend to increase the amount of energy in the body. Walking is the easiest activity to be done by anyone, anywhere, without the need of special equipment, and can be done anytime.

3.Enough sleep.
Whether you realize it or not, sleeping is able to recover the energy used to do activities.

4. Don’t forget breakfast.
Proper breakfast allows anyone undergoes a job with better mood and more powerful body.

5.Avoid stress.
Although it sounds cliché, you should know that one of the most important energy draining is stressed, and angry. Listening to music, reading a novel or just chatting with a close friend can reduce your stress.

6.Drink water.
Lack of fluid in the body will cause feeling of fatigue and weakness. The body really  needs water to form energy.

7.Fiber foods consumption.
The purpose is to reach balanced sugar level in your body so that the energy is maintained.

Thus, reaching fitter body is not so hard, right?

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