Jul 15, 2014

Reds at Gangster Town

Gangster Town studio is located inside the Transportation Museum (Batu, East Java, Indonesia). This studio is only a part of the outdoor displaying area of the museum. Lots of reds can be seen in this ‘town’. 
Red classic car
Police Station
Fire Station


5 komentar:

Gemma Wiseman July 15, 2014  

Looks like quite an atmospheric place. The figure silhouettes above the sign are quite dramatic.

Leovi July 15, 2014  

Nice and funny red Gangster Town!

Little Wandering Wren July 15, 2014  

Looks a fun place for a day out!
Wren x

Gattina July 15, 2014  

Ideal place for Ruby red !

Gillena Cox July 16, 2014  

Nice red shots, have a good Tuesday

Much love...

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