Jul 10, 2014

Packing Your Removals Boxes Safely

If you are the sort that wants to ensure that your removals go without a hitch, then there is a lot that you can do in the lead up to prevent any issues. One of the main issues that people face when they are moving house is that they worry about how well their items will fare as they go through the process of moving. You will find that one of the best ways to prevent damages is to ensure that you are packing and loading things correctly, as it will ensure that you are able to protect things in a way that prevents the sort of damages that you were worrying about. Have a look over the following tips and tricks for packing your boxes carefully and safely, to ensure that everything arrives at your new house in the best shape possible!

First off, you will find that the best way to prevent any bad packing is to manage the way in which you pack things. You will find that working for long hours on the dull task of packing your valuables will lead your concentration to slip, and you will find that you are much more likely to make bad mistakes in this sort of situation. Mistakes can lead to damages, to it is essential that you are always alert as to how you are doing things, and aware of the best way to pack things safely, rather than getting stressed or irritated with the process! Work in smaller bursts, perhaps a couple of hours at a time, and start as early as you can with the packing, to make sure that you don’t have to rush it at all!

You will find that keeping fragile things together will prevent the likelihood of things getting broken, as then you can ensure that those boxes are treated very carefully. Loading fragile things in with other bits and pieces may mean that the box is not treated as well as it should be, and the less fragile things will fall on to the delicate items and break them, which you need to avoid. You will find that keeping the boxes that need to be treated well as light as possible will ensure that you are not likely to have any issues in terms of the boxes getting dropped. If a box is surprisingly heavy then it is quite likely that you would have issues with it being dropped, simply for the unexpected weight!

Line the boxes that are full or fragile bits with a layer of bubble wrap, and then wrap each item with a couple of layers of newspaper. This will mean that the contents of the boxes are protected from the jolts that may come whilst in transit, as well as making sure that the items themselves don’t damage each other. This technique will reduce the amount of bubble wrap that you use, by preventing you from having to wrap each item individually. Lock each item in with the other things in the box, to prevent things shifting around as the van moves. You will find that even the vibrations of the engine will have an effect on the boxes, so if things are stuck in strange positions, the movements may result in serious problems!

Be sure to label each box with the contents, so that you can get to things easily without opening loads of other boxes, and so that the removals team knows what they are dealing with, as you can never be too careful!

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livingshed July 10, 2014  

thanks for this lina..hubby and I will be transferring to our new house soon...this is really a great help for us.

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