Jul 6, 2014

Exercising while Fasting

Is it possible to keep exercising during fasting? Don’t worry, you will not limp or fainting as long as you know how to properly exercise while fasting. Even if you do not eat and drink all day, since of dawn, our body is still storing energy reserved in the form of glycogen, fat, and protein.

Fasting for a whole month does not mean you have to stop at all of your routine exercise. As mentioned earlier, the body still has the reserved energy to indulge. Even when you’re moving the body, the fat will turn into glucose which will relieve weakness, lazy, and sleepy too. Not only that, when you move the body or exercise, fat deposits in your body also eroded so that the shape of the body is kept.  

However, at the time of fasting, there are some things to consider if you want to exercise.

1.Select the right time
You can choose the time of 30 minutes to an hour before fast breaking. With choosing the right time, you don’t have to wait long time to break the fast so that you can immediately replace lost body fluids during fasting and exercise.

Before you start exercising, don’t forget to warm up first. Warming up is very important because it will help reducing the risk of injury to the body. And in fact, at the time of fasting, a full body stretching can help improving flexibility and detoxification.

3.Adapt with body condition
The key is; don’t push yourself. Start exercising in small portion, do it little by little; and stop if it turns out you are exhausted. Take longer breaks and reduce the exercise duration. It is better to exercise indoors or find a cool place if you exercise outdoors.

4.Take enough sleep, eat and drink water the day before.

5.Straightly breaking once it is time. Drink water first before eating sweet drinks/ foods.

6.Avoid exercise before bedtime since it may cause sleep difficulty.

The purpose of exercise is to maintain good stamina, so the body stays fit, healthy, and not weak. Applying the right way to exercise while fasting may help you stay motivated in activities throughout the fasting month.

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