Aug 5, 2014

3 Checks to Perform Before Purchasing a Used Appliance

Head to any electrical store and you'll be blown away at some of the prices for your standard kitchen appliances. It's not uncommon for the typical American to spend thousands of dollars purchasing the necessary devices and suffice to say, most of us just don't have such cash lying around.

It's for this reason that buying second hand appliances is becoming a common practice. Unfortunately, there are risks involved and while there are now more companies offering a repair service, it goes without saying that you need to purchase a machine which is at least reliable. Here are some tips to ensure you do this.

Demand a physical inspection
There's one thing for sure when buying a used appliance; you're not armed with the luxury of a warranty. As such, you have every right to inspect the product as you please and if you are met with any sort of discouragement, it's time to walk away. Any seller that is seemingly trying to hide something should be avoided like the plague; you're spending too much money to be messed about.

Try turning the machine on
Similarly, you’re well within your rights to see if the machine actually works. While a physical inspection might give a rough idea on if any past repair work has been conducted, the big signs come when you press that big ‘on’ switch. In an ideal world you should look to test the item as well, although with something as time-intensive as a washing machine it might prove to be difficult.

Why is the appliance for sale?
This final tip again revolves around the seller and just how open he or she is being. Most of the time there’s a very good reason why an appliance is on the market and it usually revolves a replacement being brought in. However, if there is any caginess displayed, it’s again a sign to walk out of the door.

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