Aug 8, 2014

Why Breast Surgery is Important

Breast surgery is often looked at by people with scorn; it is widely thought that a procedure like this involves only enlargement of the breasts with the help of silicone. However, breast reconstruction and reduction are surgical procedures that several women undergo every year. These are not to improve of how they look, but for medical reasons.

A breast reconstruction procedure is also required by women after they undergo mastectomy, an invasive surgical procedure for the breast cancer.

There are many reconstruction operations that are used for the breasts. As for breast reduction, the procedure can be opted by women whose breasts are too large, and the size of their breasts is leading to health issues like back ache. Once a woman undergoes a breast reduction procedure, she will notice that a lot of health issues that she earlier faced are now gone.

Doctors, and women who have undergone the procedure, describe the surgical reduction in the size of their breasts as “life-changing”. The most noticeable changes after a breast construction procedure are: reduced back ache and neck pain. These women also find it easier to exercise and would be able to wear tops and dresses that they could not earlier. Women say that breast reconstruction Perth and breast reduction Perth are helpful.

In earlier times, breast reduction techniques had often come out with all the wrong results. Women ended up with flat wide breasts and a lot of scarring. However, now, with the advent of technology, doctors concentrate on trying to reduce the size of the scar; the experienced ones are even able to limit the scar to just a specific area around the nipples. These days, doctors are also able to shape the breasts with much better projection than earlier.

The procedure and type of mammoplasty to be done on a patient is determined by the amount of breast tissues —including glandular, adipose, skin — that have to be removed from each breast.

Besides, the degree of ptosis that is present in the breast is also taken into consideration.

To determine this, doctors have set terms for the condition of ptosis.
Pseudoptosis is the first. In this, there is sagging of the inferior pole of the breast and the nipple is at or above the fold.

Ptosis is also divided into four parts. These are: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3.
Grade I is also known as mild ptosis. In this, techniques that leave minimal scar on the breast are used. Usually, a short-scar reduction procedure is used in this scenario.

Grade 2 of ptosis is also known as moderate ptosis. In this, the nipple is pointing downwards; however, even this can be corrected fairly easily by breast surgeons.
The last grade, 3, is also known as severe ptosis.

When you look up breast reduction Perth and breast reconstruction Perth on the Internet, you’ll also stumble upon a number of procedures for breast reduction. These are: short-scar, periareolar, anchor scar, vertical scar Breast, and superomedial pedicle.

Once the procedure has been performed, women have to wait for six months to a year to notice the full outcome. During this time, the breast tissues that have lifted settle in the breasts. There is painful breast enlargement among some women when they menstruate for the first time after undergoing the procedure.

Otherwise, once the operation has been done, the patient is advised to get back to her daily activities. However, there are a few riders that are issued: 1) Women are asked to eat a light diet for the remaining day after undergoing the operation; 2) They are asked against washing in a shower at least for a day after the procedure; 3) They are advised against strenuous exercise, and have to wear a sports bra. But, follow-up consultations are a must to ensure that a satisfactory outcome of the procedure and the patient’s well-being. In case you live in Perth, Google breast reduction Perth and breast reconstruction Perth for more information.

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