Aug 14, 2014

How to Have Beautiful Face Skin with Tomato

Having healthy and beautiful face skin is the desire of most women. Many ways are used to reach it such as the use of chemical cosmetic and expensive facial treatments. But there are natural ways that can be done without having to spend a lot of money. Yup, you can use tomatoes.

Tomatoes are very beneficial for skin care. They aren’t only for normal skin, but also for dry skin and oily skin. Moreover, tomatoes are easy to find and they have no side effects. To apply it on the skin is also easy; whether kids or adults can do it.

1. Normal skin care. To care normal skin, you can prepare tomatoes and lemon. Slice and crush tomatoes to get the juice. Then tomato juice is mixed with about 5 drops of lemon juice. Clean your face first. Furthermore, the clean face is spread with the mixture of tomato and lemon. Let it about 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

2. Dry skin care. Dry skin doesn’t make your face looks fresh. You can fix this by mixing tomatoes with olive oil to treat the face. First crush tomatoes and then mix the juice with a tablespoon of olive oil. Combine and apply on cleansed face, leave on for 20 minutes then rinse off using warm water. The mixture of tomatoes and olive oil will keep your skin moist and soft.

3. Oily skin care. Oily skin tends to be easily glossy, dirty and acne loves this type of skin. That is why you need to do better treatment. For oily skin, the tomatoes mixed with cucumbers and honey. Mix the tomato juice with three tablespoons of cucumber water and two tablespoons of honey. Combine everything and use it as a facial mask after cleaning the face. Let stand about 20 minutes and wash your face with water. Facial treatment using such mixture will help reducing the level of excessive oil on the face. It may also help preventing acne.

Isn’t it simple enough to try? To obtain the maximal benefits, of course you should  do it regularly. Not necessarily every day, at least once or twice a week. Drinking lots of water to keep skin moist is much suggested. If only done once a month or only once in a while, then the impact will not be felt. Simply apply the tips to care face skin with tomato fruit; you can have healthy skin in natural ways.

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