Aug 9, 2014

Orchid Collection

A best friend collects some orchids. I’ve ever shared several macro shots of her orchids. For Today's Flowers this week, I share how she displays her orchid collection


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DeniseinVA August 09, 2014  

Thank you for sharing your friend's orchids Lina. So beautiful and I like very much how she displays them. Happy day to you :)

Carver August 09, 2014  

I love orchids. Beautiful shots.

thomas August 09, 2014  

Nice orchids,all seem to be flowering.My brother have a variety of wild ones.

Rajesh August 09, 2014  

Beautiful orchids.

Unknown August 10, 2014  

Beautiful! I like her display.

Annette P.-L. August 10, 2014  

Wonderful collection and great presentation! Lovely photos!

Ela August 11, 2014  

Gorgeous collection of flowers !

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