Aug 22, 2014

7 Ways to Tone Your Arms

As the summer months approach and the time to pull out the sleeveless garments gets nearer, a great many Australians start to get extremely self-conscious about their arms. Months of relative inactivity can leave arms looking scrawny and unattractive, hardly an incentive to pull on a light and airy summer top. However, adherence to a routine of simple yet effective exercises could very quickly remedy this situation. All you will need is a few basic pieces of equipment and you will be ready to start. By following the 7 techniques laid out below, you could have shapely arms that you would be only to keen to show off to the world:

1. Curls

Simply sit on a chair or bench with your legs apart and raise a dumbbell towards you. Alternate between both arms to ensure a balanced workout. Be sure to lean forward with your elbow and knee aligned on the side of the body that you happen to be working.

2. Hammer Curls

This exercise needs to be done standing up and with the dumbbells grasped as if holding hammers.  Keep the upper arm dead straight at your side and slowly raise the dumbbell to your shoulder, then slowly lower it as if intending to strike the head of a nail. Alternate between left and right as with the curls.

3. Upright Row

Remaining on your feet, hold a dumbbell in each hand and raise them as if rowing a boat. Be sure to start out with the dumbbells parallel in front of your thighs. Complete a set of ten rows for an effective workout.

4. Dumbbell Kickback

Place one knee on a bench and support yourself with the arm from the same side of the body. Your other leg should be firmly placed on the ground alongside the bench. Hold a dumbbell in the arm of this side of the body and slowly swing it backwards. Be sure to bend your elbow to 90 degrees during the course of this swing before returning your arm to its original position. Ten repetitions should do the trick.

5. Curl Resistance Band Exercise

Stand upright for this one with your feet inline with your shoulders. With a resistance band beneath your feet, raise both hands to your shoulders whilst keeping your upper arms firmly by your side. Drop your hands slowly and then repeat the action the required number of times.

6. Bench Dips

You will need two sturdy benches in order to complete this exercise safely and successfully. Place your hands onto a bench positioned behind you and the backs of your heels onto one positioned in front. With you body suspended thus between the two benches, use your arms to raise yourself up and down in a dipping motion. Place a heavy object in your lap to increase the difficulty.

7. Close Grip Push Ups

A popular technique of boot camps in Melbourne, close grip push ups involve the hands being placed close together in order to fully work the triceps and pectoral muscles. By placing your knees on the floor it should be possibly to reduce the intensity of this particular exercise if it proves to be too demanding.


A strict adherence to the above list of techniques should soon have your arms looking sleek and toned. As an added means of improving the tone of your arms, and of your overall wellbeing, it would be a good idea to eat as healthily as you can. If possible, try to avoid sugary snacks and processed foods. Eat salads and fruit as an effective and healthy alternative.

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