Aug 29, 2014

Flying Moment

I captured the moment of two tandem paragliding flights from the takeoff spot at the Mount Banyak (Batu Malang, East Java, Indonesia) that I’ve shared the view last week. Both passengers were female visitors; one of them was my friend. She told me that it was a great and fun experience. 


Great flying moment
Touching the blue sky!

It’s a pity I couldn’t take shots of her landing moment. She reached the landing spot faster than us –of course. The car ride had to pass through the winding roads first. When we arrived at the landing field, she’s already there for about ten minutes.

 Fortunately, that day, a competition was held.  I was able to take shots of some landing moment. I promise I’ll share them next week :)
Sky Watch Friday

11 komentar:

Anonymous August 29, 2014  

Lovely shots! Must be some great views from up there.

Valerie August 29, 2014  

Great captures - wish I had the courage to do that!

DeniseinVA August 29, 2014  

These are wonderful photos! I admire those who can do that but I am not that brave :)

Spare Parts and Pics August 29, 2014  

Beautiful shots! I like that you captured them at the same elevation... shooting out rather than up.

Leovi August 29, 2014  

Well captured the thrill of flying, pretty pictures !!

Carver August 30, 2014  

That looks like so much fun. Great shots.

eileeninmd August 30, 2014  

Awesome captures of the hang gliders.. I would be scared silly, but I guess it must be fun for them Have a happy weekend!

Beverley Baird August 31, 2014  

Not sure if I could have done that but the photos were wonderful!

NatureFootstep September 01, 2014  

I would love to try it too. Great and memorable shots. :)

Su-sieee! Mac September 01, 2014  

Nice! Now that's something I would like to do one day. :-)
Take 25 to Hollister

thomas September 03, 2014  

It must a thrilling riding in one of this

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