Aug 6, 2014

How You can Use Recycled Items to Decorate Your Home

Home decor can often be a tricky thing to tackle especially when there is a massive amount of inspiration that you can take from various sources online. You could go for a vintage themed home or you could go for something ultra chic and modern. While the choice rests with you, making the right decision can be extremely tricky.

Therefore, whilst you decide on the theme that you would like to incorporate, you should always consider opting for recycled items as part of your home decor not simply because it weighs lightly on your wallet but also because it is an extremely eco friendly way to decorate your home without making it look very ordinary.

For instance, blinds are extremely important for any home not only because of the aesthetic appeal that they have but also to keep you protected from excessive sunlight streaming into the home and keep the environment inside the home more pleasant and calmer. Given below are some unique and creative ideas and little ways in which you can spruce up your home; a little goes a long way and all you need is some inspiration to set things in motion.

1.   Decorating the dinner table or kitchen shelves:
While walking into your favourite fancy restaurant for dinner, you may have noticed certain all vases and jars carrying different kinds of uncooked pastas on a bed of spices and lentils as a decorative display. This kind of a setting is also common in bakeries and patisseries wherein you come across glasses and jars carrying cake sprinkles and coloured sugar for aesthetic appeal. You could consider using your old glass jars or mason jars that you do not use any more to layer different coloured spices and lentils just like you would for a trifle and hoist it on a shelf or make it the centrepiece at the dinner table for a chic look.

2.   Use a worn out belt to hold the curtains together:

You may not necessarily want the curtains to be closed at all times. On a bright and sunny day, you may want to keep them drawn to let the sunlight in; however, while you may want to use ropes and other fancy materials available in stores to keep the curtains together, you could consider using an old, worn out leather belt to keep them fastened together. This especially looks extremely elegant when you have curtains in nude shades. Besides, if you do not like curtains, you can always opt for blinds as they also help give a cleaner look to the home and look chic and elegant. You can choose from this selection to buy the blinds that go perfectly with the theme of your home.

3.   Use cutlery as key holders:

You may have bought a spanking new set of cutlery to match your china plates and bowls, so what will you do with the forks and spoons that lie in your kitchen cabinet? You certainly cannot throw it away since there is a lot you can do with these pieces of metal, which you believe to be futile. Using a spanner, bend the longer end of the cutlery towards the face the fork or spoon. Hang these bended cutleries along the wall, preferably in the hallway. This can act as a key holder and adds a very creative touch.

Using recycled items to create a stunning home decor is extremely easy and just a few steps can take your home from looking good to great.

Bio: Jenny is working with ADT pulse to provide perfect home security solutions.

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