Aug 16, 2014

Five Factors to Consider when Looking for Physiotherapy Services in Victoria BC

The reasons for looking for physiotherapy services may be numerous. Previously, physiotherapy was seen as a service only meant to cater for accident victim who are recuperating from their injuries. Nowadays, a simple activity such as sitting in front of a computer, the whole day, might require you to seek such services.
So, now that you know you require seeing a physiotherapist, how do you go about identifying the best one? Is one really better than the other?

If you reside in Victoria BC, Identifying a good physiotherapy centre may not be so difficult if you follow these five simple steps:

1.   Qualifications
Is the physiotherapist qualified? This seems like a no-brainer but not all ‘physiotherapists’ out there possess the license to practice. The field of physiotherapy, like any other, profession has its own fair share of quacks. Physiotherapists are required to complete a university degree from a reputable university with an accredited physiotherapy program. A good example is Victoria Physiotherapy clinic where patients are attended by highly qualified and accredited professionals with tons of experience.

2.   Specialization
Is the physiotherapist specialized to handle your condition? Physiotherapists specialize in various areas such as: sports injury, stroke rehabilitation, spinal injuries, mental health, care for the aged and many more. If you want the best care, you’ll have to go for a physiotherapist who has specialized in your problem area. However, there are some centers such as Victoria Physiotherapy that offer a wide range of physiotherapy services all under one roof.

3.   Treatment methods / procedures
Which type of treatment do you prefer? Many physiotherapists will offer a range of treatment options such as exercise, massage and electrotherapy. In addition, some use alternative treatments including reflexology, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, reiki etc.

Always ensure you consult with your physiotherapist about the types of treatments available and the best one for you. Sometimes it may take a combination of two or three treatments to help you out.

4.   Location of the clinic / centre
Where is the physiotherapist located? Is it easy for you to get to? Is it near your home or work? Is it easy to access if using public transport?  Ensure that the location is convenient for you. Remember you are a patient and travelling for long will only make you sicker.

5.   Availability
Is the therapist easy to access at any day of the week or time of day? Can he/she be reached by phone? When you are in pain, you may not wait until your next scheduled clinic. In such a case, a physiotherapist who is readily available would be preferred.

Contact a number of physiotherapists in your Victoria BC to find one that is best suited to provide the treatment that is best for you or visit physiotherapy Victoria BC for consultation. 

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