Aug 16, 2014

Orchids for Sale

 For Today's Flowers this week, I share some orchids for sale that I saw in some nurseries at Taman Anggrek TMII (the Orchid Park TMII, Jakarta, Indonesia). That afternoon, I accompanied a friend who wanted to add her orchid collection. 


6 komentar:

Mascha August 16, 2014  

So many orchids in wonderful colors (I would buy any of them)
Have a great weekend :-)

DeniseinVA August 16, 2014  

Hello Lina, thank you for sharing these magnificent orchids.

Unknown August 17, 2014  

They're beautiful! I'd probably buy one of each...

Felicia August 17, 2014  

beautiful variety of orchids.

Annette P.-L. August 17, 2014  

Great variety of orchids! Wonderful colours! Very well captured!

thomas August 19, 2014  

Very colorful

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