Aug 16, 2014

Orchids for Sale

 For Today's Flowers this week, I share some orchids for sale that I saw in some nurseries at Taman Anggrek TMII (the Orchid Park TMII, Jakarta, Indonesia). That afternoon, I accompanied a friend who wanted to add her orchid collection. 


5 komentar:

Mascha August 16, 2014  

So many orchids in wonderful colors (I would buy any of them)
Have a great weekend :-)

DeniseinVA August 16, 2014  

Hello Lina, thank you for sharing these magnificent orchids.

Unknown August 17, 2014  

They're beautiful! I'd probably buy one of each...

Annette P.-L. August 17, 2014  

Great variety of orchids! Wonderful colours! Very well captured!

thomas August 19, 2014  

Very colorful

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