May 23, 2015

A Group of Dancing Ladies

Oncidiums come in various forms, therefore, go by different nicknames like Spider Orchids, Pansy Orchids, Dancing Ladies. The group in our front yard –under the red palm tree- is the Dancing Ladies!

7 komentar:

Romi May 23, 2015  

The dancers' dresses are gorgeous.

Liz Needle May 23, 2015  

They certainly look like their name. The colour is gorgeous.

Existe Sempre Um Lugar May 23, 2015  

Bom dia, um titulo, alcunha fica bem no belos vestido amarelo de dançarina.

Unknown May 23, 2015  

They're so pretty in their dresses. :-)

DeniseinVA May 25, 2015  

Thank you for sharing your Dancing Ladies Lina. They are gorgeous!

Laura May 25, 2015  

Oh they are lovely in their party dresses!

Linda May 27, 2015  

Very pretty! I like the name!

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