May 8, 2015

Shopious: A Trusted Social Media Commerce Where Indonesian Online Sellers and Shoppers Meet and Get Benefits

It’s an undoubtedly fact that in the past few years, the amount of active internet users in Indonesia is increasing fast. Based on the report made by, there are 72.7 million Indonesian active internet users and 72 millions of them are also social media active users. On the other hand, the Indonesia e-commerce market prospect in 2015 is assumed to increase by 60-70%. This huge potency encourages many online stores to use social media as a place to sell their products.

If you’ve had an Instagram account, perhaps you notice that a bunch of sellers can be found there –mostly the fashion sellers. Well, you’re right since it turns out that Instagram is one of the social media that most often used to sell online. A survey conducted by mentioned that 52% of the 379 respondents enjoy using Instagram to sell fashion or just looking for fashion items that they like.

Unfortunately, the above statistic doesn’t lead straightly to the ease of online shoppers to find their needs via Instagram and online sellers also have difficulties to expand their market network in this social media. Moreover, though women are said as the major online shoppers, there are lots of women who still afraid to go shopping online. There are some possible reasons but their biggest worry is to be cheated by bad sellers.

Most online shoppers know that it’s important to ensure first that they have chosen trusted sellers before they make any buying decision. The problem is; it’s not easy to identify the good sellers when you face hundreds of them in a social media like Instagram!

Aditya Herlambang and Billy Halim could see the needs of both sellers and shoppers. Since May 2013, they created, a shopping site with the social commerce concept. The platform that functioned as an aggregator of online stores in Instagram is proved can solve the problems and meet the needs of sellers and shoppers.   

Being members of user-friendly Shopious site, online sellers and shoppers can obtain some benefits. Any Instagram online store may register to this commerce site but only trusted sellers with good products that will be accepted. The selected stores will be managed with the fair membership system to keep the commerce condition safe and trusted. Thus, online shoppers at Shopious are fortunate to have reliable sellers and a wide variety of quality products.

The easy-to-navigate commerce site that completed with useful features makes your shopping experience fun and comfortable. You can also give a “like” rating on any item that is preferred. It will ease Shopious to know your fashion taste and then recommend related products.

Meanwhile, the online stores are able to expand their market without any hassle as Shopious will automatically upload their latest product photos in Instagram and display it at the shopping site. Every product of sellers becomes easier to access by limitless potential buyers. This platform model really supports online stores since their products are visible to the broader market!

The shopper who interested to buy a product will contact the seller straightly and the transaction will be held between both sides without the Shopious role anymore. Sellers and shoppers meet, socialize, and make a deal at this commerce site. In my opinion, is a different market place that offers advantageous platform for every social media commerce user –whether they are sellers or shoppers.

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galih jati May 08, 2015  

Online shop gives more benefit than opening a real shop, such as 24 hours open hours, very cheap maintenance, and huge amount of visitors from all over the world!

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