May 29, 2015

Cloudless Blue Sky above Waterfall

I still have pictures of the Coban Rondo waterfall (Batu Malang, East Java, Indonesia) that haven’t yet been shared. Green foliage and rocky slope add the waterfall beauty.
The link above leads you to the legend of this waterfall.
Sky Watch Friday

6 komentar:

Barb May 29, 2015  

That is a huge, powerful waterfall in comparison to the people watching it!

Aimz May 29, 2015  

that's beautiful - what a stunning spot :-)

Anonymous May 30, 2015  

Lovely waterfall shots.

fredamans May 30, 2015  

Gorgeous waterfall!

Jan K. alias Afanja May 30, 2015  

The clear blue sky isn't very interresting, but the waterfall is great!
Living in a flat country without waterfalls I always love such a sight.

Anonymous June 05, 2015  

Fabulous waterfall!

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