May 16, 2015

Yellow and Red Cannas

 The pics come from my last year’s archives. The cannas grow at Bogor Botanical Gardens (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia).
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Latane Barton May 16, 2015  

Cannas are so pretty but are better viewed in large batches like you show.

Unknown May 17, 2015  

Very pretty! I especially like the dark leaves of the red cannas.

DeniseinVA May 17, 2015  

They seem to go on forever. Gorgeous flowers and wonderful photos Lina, thanks for sharing them :)

A Colorful World May 17, 2015  

Stunning cannas!

Hannah May 17, 2015  

I saw lots of cannas in Houston where I grew up, but my one canna last year didn't make it above 2 feet. It did manage to come back this year against all odds, though. Your beds of cannas are lovely, I like the peachy ones and those with dark burgundy leaves.

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