May 21, 2015

Beautiful Darkness

Dark storm clouds rolling

Coming to invade the sun

Taking over in the sky


Lightening, thunder,

Rain pours down to re-nourish

Mother Nature self healing.


Poem by Sedoka


Enjoy the grey sky -the beautiful darkness!


10 komentar:

carol l mckenna May 22, 2015  

Beautiful sky shots of the storm approaching ~

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Laura May 22, 2015  

wonderful poems to accompany your stormy skies.

Spare Parts and Pics May 22, 2015  

The storm clouds have a beauty all their own!

Anonymous May 22, 2015  

Wonderful stormy clouds.

Leovi May 22, 2015  

Wonderful cloudy skies !!

Jan K. alias Afanja May 22, 2015  

These are great shots of the stormy sky. We're having the same object this time.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

eileeninmd May 22, 2015  

I love to watch the stormy sky! Great series, Lina! Have a happy day and weekend!

Nedekcir May 23, 2015  

great shot of the two power line, almost symmetrical without the roads below :D have a great weekend!

DeniseinVA May 23, 2015  

Hi Lina, your grey skies are very beautiful. Great photos and I wish you a very happy weekend :)

Al May 23, 2015  

Great skies. But I've seen way to many grey skies this month - we're supposed to be sunny most of the year but haven't seen any real sun in weeks!

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