May 5, 2015

Nature Contrast

I saw teak plantation on both sides of an alternative road (Bumiayu, Central Java Province, Indonesia). That morning, we had to choose this road as traffic jam occurred on the main route.
 Teak trees with no leaves can be seen on the side that receives daylight longer. Teak will shed their leaves to reduce water evaporation. It creates wonderful contrast, right?

The biker wore red shirt. I also link to Ruby Tuesday Too

10 komentar:

Leovi May 05, 2015  

 Wonderful pictures, I really like the forests of teak!

Mascha May 05, 2015  

Beautiful trees, without leaves they show their really shape...

Annemor May 05, 2015  

I fell for the biker in a red shirt :)
Gave a nice day.

A Colorful World May 05, 2015  

That is incredibly interesting! A fun contrast to see. Teak trees are a type we never see here in US of course.

Unknown May 05, 2015  

Interesting. I didn't know teak does that.

bj May 06, 2015  

I loved seeing the teak trees...
thanks so much for coming by.

Lmkazmierczak May 06, 2015  

I learned something! Thanks for sharing♪

Gemma Wiseman May 06, 2015  

Those trees look so spindly. Amazing sense of inner strength. Great photos.

NatureFootstep May 06, 2015  

strange, so thin they are. Not much branches there. Interesting!

Anonymous May 07, 2015  

Interesting! And nice photos.

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