May 19, 2015

Trees at a Graveyard

Last Sunday my husband and I visited my parents’ graves.  There are some different trees grow inside the cemetery. I took shots two kinds of them.  I know other graveyards which don't have any tree at all -just a bare landscape. Those might look neater and tidier, but I prefer to see any growing green among the gravestones. Trees offer shades to my loved deceased. 
I don't know the tree's common name.
The high tree is a Frangipani tree with white flowers.

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Andrea @ From The Sol May 19, 2015  

These are both very unusual and beautiful trees. I assume they are native to your home, but they do not grow in the USA as for as I know. The pictures are wonderful and I agree that it is nice to have the shade over the grave sites of those we love.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Latane Barton May 20, 2015  

That is one huge fragapani. I tried growing one in a container in my house once and kept having to cut it back. They grow really fast.

Lmkazmierczak May 20, 2015  

That is a wonderful tree to keep watch over your loved ones...♪

NatureFootstep May 20, 2015  

impressive trees both of them. Looks so unusual to me, nothing we have where I live.

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