May 6, 2015

Start Being Your Own Boss in 2015

More and more people are aspiring to become entrepreneurs nowadays. Being your own boss and controlling your business is a dream come true and it is quite advisable to start your own business if you have good ideas, enthusiasm, passion and all the traits of a successful leader.

Pioneer in the field of personality assessment, such as Raymond Cattell, have conducted researches in determining to the traits that characterize a successful leader. His researches were based on studying military leaders and, according to the results the gathered and processed, effective leaders are emotionally stable, enthusiastic, dominant, intuitive, compulsive and charismatic. On the other hand, if you think you can be a business owner and a leader, it will require hard work, and it is not enough just to have a good idea, for there has to be a market for it. If you want to offer something then there has to be a demand for it.

So, why start a business in the year 2015? The economy is good and is getting liberated from the recession; a lot of money was invested in 2014 and it is easier to get your business funded; with free networking and internet access, marketing has never been more accessible, as well as technology, software and cheap, but high quality website design; if you dedicate some time to learning the craft (books, tutorials, online searches), you can be your own digital market researcher; nowadays you have websites and services that are specialized in giving advice and answering the toughest questions, which was not that easy to get some years before.

If not today, then when? First, decide what you want to do and what you are passionate about. Next, identify the market and then develop ideas for your own business. Here are some prosperous business categories for the year 2015 which you can take into consideration.

Smartphone repair
Smartphones, touchscreen tech, apps and gadgets are all around us. And, of course, they happen to malfunction now and then. The repair? Expensive. Shops for repairing smartphones are sprouting everywhere and they don’t lack business.

Freelance work
Thousands of freelancers – audio, video and graphic experts, translators, academic writers – are getting employed both by companies and small business owners to provide the necessary service. Building a company that employs freelancers to provide a wide range of services is a great idea and the big advantage would be a very wide field of services your company would be able to provide to it’s customers.

Recycle pickup
With constant innovations in the high tech electronics field, devices become obsolete in just a few years. A lot of households have old television sets, phones and computers that collect dust or get wasted inappropriately, thus harming the environment. This could be developed into prosperous business – picking up e-waste, charging per item or by weight and transporting it to an electronic recycling facility.

Employee monitoring
A great deal of companies offer jobs that require mobility and their employees spend most of their time in vehicles. There are vehicle-tracking time clocks and time-clock applications which are which serve their purpose of keeping tracks of the workers. But the employers eventually get overflowed with information because the processing of the newly gathered info requires time and personnel for it. Starting a company that can provide these services would have a big potential and a low failure rate.

Shipping container living spaces
It has basically become an art form of designers and architects, creating a comfortable living space out of cheap containers. People turn to this solution when they want to add, for example, a guest room to their house. It doesn’t need much time to build it and it’s practical, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Companies like AllShelter are taking the advantage of the open market for this kind of business and provide everything from advising and planning to the very installation. Start small, gather experience and work your way up.

Food truck
Getting a truck is cheaper than building or buying a facility. And food? Well, everybody eats, everybody needs it. Studies show that this industry will grow and reach the worth of almost 3 billion dollars in 2017. So, get down to gathering recipes, designing a menu with attractive and delicious special offers, put the key into the ignition and heat the grill.

Take your future into your own hands, devise a plan and start making your ideas a reality. Control this important aspect of your life, start a business that you enjoy, something that you are passionate about, because if you manage to fuse what makes you happy and what pays you, you won’t have to work another day in your life.

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Thank you for useful info.

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