May 20, 2015

Tips to Choose Prom Dresses for Petite Girls

Most Canadian high school students think prom nights as the biggest social occasion of the year. For many young people, promenade isn’t just their first formal dance or gathering but attending a prom is also like making a new step in their life. It’s no wonder at all if they want to have looks at their best during the special night. While boys will put on formal tuxedos, young women who face much wider attire choices might get confused in finding their dream prom dresses.
Short prom dresses
Different length of short prom dresses
The desire of most girls to have unforgettable proms can make the quest for perfect gowns more difficult, especially when your sister or daughter has petite figure (under the average height of 1.65 m). Young woman with proportional body, long and slender legs will look good in any length, color, style and silhouette of prom dresses but petite girls should know first how to choose dresses that make their appearance taller.

Women whose upper body is almost the similar length as their lower body part have the same fashion problem with short women. Those need flattering outfits that create their lower body appears longer or leaner. Well, are you searching for the right dress for your petite loved one and still having no clue? Don’t worry; the guidelines below will help you to find a prom dress that looks stunning on her:
Short Prom Dresses
My favorite choices : Long Sleeves Short Prom Dresses
Notice that Short Prom Dresses will look good on petite girls.
When it comes to find a special dress, the first step is deciding the proper length. The knee length dress is the maximum suggested length. A shy petite girl can go for knee length dress while a fun girl may even choose to wear mini dress that falls above knees since it will give her much taller impression.

Take benefits of monochrome.
Monochrome dress will make her taller. Wearing one shade of color from head to toe can help create the elongating sense and give the high posture illusion. Even monochrome maxi dress may look nice on short women. Conversely, clothes with various colors or too much contrast between the top and lower part will split the long impression that you want. 
short prom dresses
High-waisted prom dress
Try high-waisted dress model.
Making a longer illusion is about creating proportion. High-waisted dress will make the user’s waist seems higher and it creates an optic illusion that she is taller than her actual height.

Avoid too thick fabrics that give shorter and box-shaped look.
The thicker the gown, the shorter and wider a petite girl will be seen. Dresses that made from thin, soft and light materials suit more any petite figure.

If you decide to search the dress online, Pickedresses is a trusted online boutique in Canada that really worth to visit as their wide range of high quality and inexpensive prom dress collection. Once you navigate the store website, you’ll see lots of well-made and beautifully designed dresses that created from top quality soft fabrics like organza, lace, chiffon, satin, and taffeta.

You don’t need to search at other place since the online boutique provides prom dress collection that covers every color, style, silhouette, and length. Browse their recommended, most popular, new arrival items or look for a specific design that most suits your loved one’s figure and personal style –based on mentioned tips above. I'm sure that you will find the perfect prom dress for her!

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What gorgeous dresses!

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All of the dresses look wonderful!

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