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Feb 8, 2013

Sky Watch : A Bright Morning

 We had a bright Sunday morning last weekend. This pic was captured on a pedestrian street in the front of the Bogor Train Station (West Java, Indonesia).

7 komentar:

Photo Cache February 08, 2013  

those street lamps are just a darling.

AmitAag February 08, 2013  

Lovely click!

Leovi February 08, 2013  

Gorgeous soft blue sky, excellent photos.

eileeninmd February 08, 2013  

A beautiful sky...lovely capture!

Carver February 08, 2013  

Beautiful sky. I like that style of lamp posts.

thomas February 08, 2013  

Indeed a fine day,happy sky watching.

beyondzephyr.com February 11, 2013  

Beautiful shot and interesting view!

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