Feb 15, 2013

5 Different Ways to Use Orchids for Bridal Decorations

Although a wedding involves the bride and groom, the decoration focuses on the bride – her attire, her bouquet, her gown and others. All these and more attract the attention of the bridal party and the groom. The decoration also focuses on the bride. What can be the one thing that can make a simple and yet elegant decoration? Orchids!

These lovely flowers bloom throughout the year and are not too expensive. Also, there are so many colors of the orchids that you can choose them according to the theme. You can also use them for the bouquet, the tiara or the corsage. Here are a few ways in which you can use orchids for bridal decoration –

1.   Corsage - What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the bride? The bridal gown with the corsage! Adding a colorful orchid corsage to gown will enhance the bride’s beauty. Or, if you are afraid of overdoing it, then make a corsage using a single bloom. Ensure that you don’t leave the stem peeking out. Glue a satiny ribbon to the bloom and tie it around the bride’s wrist. Secure it with a bow. 

2.   Bouquet – Choose the colors of the orchids for the bouquet keeping with the wedding color scheme and theme. You can have a cascading bouquet that flows out. This is actually the natural direction in which orchids grow.

Orchids themselves are beautiful. So, don’t make a lavish bouquet. Overdoing will only spoil the effect. You can just tie a simple ribbon to hold them in place.

3.   Tiara – You don’t need a diamond tiara to be a beautiful bride when you have orchids. Leave only 3 inches of the stem on the flower. You can also make a hair accessory using a single orchid. If the bride wears her hair down, place the bloom on one side and secure it with bobby pins. The flower should not fall out during the ceremony.

These flowers are so beautiful and exotic that they go well even with the simplest of gowns and hairstyles. In fact, the simpler the attire or the hairstyle, the better it will be.

4.   Wedding Cake – And of course, the wedding cake! How can you ignore the wedding cake? So, what kind of cake is it? A layered and tiered traditional cake or something new? Whatever you choose, add a few blooms to one side of the cake and let them cascade down.

If you have a tiered cake, then place the blooms at the top on one side. Let them brush the sides of the layers. The effect should of orchids fluttering down.

5.   Wedding Invitations - In addition, to all these, you need invitations. Since you are using orchids as the central theme, why not add them to the invitations also! Choose the color of the orchids on the invitations keeping with the wedding color scheme. Visit http://www.paperstyle.com/is-bin/Bridal-Shower-Invitations.html for ideas and choices for wedding invitations.

These are some ways in which you can use orchids for bridal decorations. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with the flowers. Keep everything simple for a stunning effect.   

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