Feb 12, 2013

Best Place to Order Pata Negra Ham Online

When talking about culinary world; it will involve a large variety of ingredients, processed food, cooking process, cooking techniques and many others. As a part of nation culture, every country around the world has unique processed and cooked food to offer. For example, though you can find the food in many parts of the world, everyone knows that yakiniku is a Japanese cuisine and pizza origins from Italia. But have you ever heard about pata negra ham before? Also known as Iberian ham, pata negra is a type of cured ham that made from black Iberian pigs -mostly produced in Spain.         

I know a little about pata negra ham from a friend who got married with a Spanish man.  Every time she hosts a party at home, she always serves Spanish ham for her special guests. She never finds trouble in buying high quality Iberian ham since SpanishTaste.com supplies the best kind. The reliable supplier such as SpanishTaste always attaches the quality label on every product. The label will mention the variety of pata negra ham –bellota, recebo or cebo- and the curing period. She told me that bellota ham has the finest quality grade; this sort of ham is cured for 36 months. Bellota is famous for its smooth texture and rich taste!

For her next party, she has compiled some great recipes that use Spanish ham.  One easy recipe that she’ll plan to prepare is Basque pinchos; a piece of crispy long bread with a fair sliced pata negra ham on top of it. Toothpicks will be used to put the ham on the bread. It looks simple but the dish is really appetizing!

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