Feb 27, 2013

The Safe Reusable Water Bottles

How many glasses of water do you drink every day? Drinking liquid in appropriate amount is very vital for keeping your good health. Human bodies require water to control body temperature, travel nutrients to all organs, carry oxygen to cells, take away waste, and also protect joints and organs.

Are you still wondering how to know the proper amount of daily water intake? Here’s the way: take your body mass in pounds and divide the number in two; the result number would present the water amount in ounces that you should drink every day. Let’s say that your weight is 180 pounds, so you should drink at least 90 ounces of water per day.    

There’s only about 20% of your body’s water requirement comes from foods that you eat. You should get the rest from the beverages you drink; water is always becoming your finest option. Besides your body weight, since the purpose of drinking water is to maintain a healthy balance; your water intake should depend also on the type of your activities.

If you love to work out like running and cycling, don’t forget to always bring water in the safe reusable water bottles whenever you do exercises. During working out, your body would sweat much; therefore you must be hydrated frequently. You can count on the best reusable water bottles to always have good water supply with you! Don’t need to search anymore, as the specialty online store like HeartRateMonitors.com already provides you with a wide range of safe and high quality reusable water bottles.

Using reusable water bottles to take water is a green and right way to obtain your required water intake while being active outside.  Ensure that you have chosen the right one which is spill-proof and BPA-free, this kind of water bottle wouldn’t harm your health and environment.

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