Feb 21, 2013

From Sunshine to Education - How Holidays are Changing

An interesting article which takes a look at the changing habits of holidaymakers, who are now more likely to visit places of educational interest than lie on a secluded beach.
Value for Money

As the financial climate around the world continues on an uncertain path, so the habits of the population change. In addition to having to adapt to personal monetary situations, many people now want to feel they are getting their money's worth in various areas of life. Perhaps nowhere is this more prevalent than when it comes to taking family holidays.

Whereas before a lazy two weeks spent on a secluded white beach may have been the holiday of choice, today that type of relaxing break is almost seen as a wasted opportunity by many. By cramming their holiday time with visits to places of interest, not only do tourists feel they are getting the most value for their money but also that they are expanding their knowledge of the world around them.

Education for Young and Old

At one time, children would gain the majority of their education of the differing cultures and fascinating history of the world from lessons at school, lessons which would occasionally be supplemented by field trips to local places of interest. During school holidays, pupils would sometimes get the chance to go away for a few days to a foreign country, often their very first visit outside of their country of birth.

The children of today have a wider knowledge of the world in general due to their parents arranging to visit more places of educational interest while the family are on holiday. Even children who currently lack interest in subjects such as history and geography can have their curiosity piqued by visiting some of the world's most historical places such as Egypt, Greece and sites within the UK itself.

Learning a New Skill

Of course, it isn't just about furthering the education of the younger members of the family. Many adults are now using their summer holidays to learn a new skill or take up a brand new hobby. For example, where better to learn how to tango than Argentina? How about furthering your cookery skills in France? Numerous activities like these are now available to intrepid holidaymakers who want to do something different with their break.

It is not even necessary to book a particular course to further skills in an area of interest. For example, simply visiting places of scenic splendour, such as the Grand Canyon in the USA or the historic wonder of Pompeii in Italy, can do the world of good for someone looking to improve their photographic ability.

As more people look to undertake more activities while on holiday and further their knowledge in differing areas, so the income from tourism increases and people's thirst for information about the incredible world around them grows ever stronger. It looks like the days of taking a relaxing beach holiday in a secluded paradise miles from anywhere could well be numbered.

Peter Smith writes regularly on the subject of travel for a range of holiday websites and blogs and has a particular interest in history. 

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