Feb 21, 2013

Essential Oils Soaps and Their Myriad Benefits

If you were to look carefully at the soaps section in the department store that you frequent, you will be quite astounded to note the variety present there. Fragrances, shapes, colors, textures, brands, benefits and so many other facets make the ubiquitous soap a thing of fascination indeed. One of the popular trends that is catching up in the bath and beauty industry is the use of essential oils.
Historically, essential oils have been used in medical systems and in delivering aromatherapy and doing aromatherapy massage as well. So it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of essential oils soaps that are hitting the market today. Most essential oils are derived from plants and herbs and deliver specific benefits. These benefits are carried forward when they are blended into soaps as well. Here is taking a look at some of the essential oils and the benefits that they can give you.

Oil of basil

Basil is considered to be a “holy herb” in countries like India. This oil helps greatly because it is anti-bacterial. So if you are looking for a soap that can deliver this kind of benefit then you should pick one made of basil essential oil. If one is talking about antiseptic properties of such essential oils soaps then you can also choose soaps made from essential oils such as

·         Eucalyptus
·         Neem or margosa
·         Tea tree

Neroli essential oil

Think of orange tree blossoms and you will know exactly how fresh a soap; made from the essential oil of neroli; can make you feel. Apart from its distinctive fragrance it can also help you get a much clearer complexion and improve the skin tone as well.

Oil of lavender

Lavender is perhaps one of the most popular essential oils when it comes to making soaps. It imparts fragrance and also brings the property of being antibacterial. Lavender is also extremely soothing so taking a bath with an essential oil soap made of lavender at bedtime can help you sleep really well.

Jasmine essential oils

This is said to be one of the more expensive essential oils because it takes a large number of jasmine flowers to produce a significant amount of oil. But once it is been blended into a soap it can bring about benefits such as being antiseptic and an aphrodisiac as well. The heady fragrance of jasmine flower goes a long way in making jasmine soap one of the more special ones in the market today.

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