Feb 19, 2013

Street Musicians

Captured about two weeks ago, on one Sunday morning. I saw -on a pedestrian street in the front of the Bogor train station (West Java, Indonesia)- four men playing and singing oldies songs. Not bad at all.

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Jidhu Jose February 19, 2013  

for money ?

Gerald (SK14) February 19, 2013  

cool shot - thanks for commenting on HDP2 but - empty streets! - can't win can I? - I waited for a gap in the traffic - want traffic full streets? - see yesterday's post. All the best.

Lola February 19, 2013  

Love all the red!

Great post – can almost *hear* them singing!

Visiting from Ruby Tuesday. Here’s mine!

Liz February 21, 2013  

Great shot!

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Chubskulit Rose February 21, 2013  

MUst be nice to listen to them. Do you give money to listen to them>?

Catching up with Ruby Tuesday.

You might want to peek at my Family Rubies , thanks!

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