Feb 27, 2013

Indulge Your Sense of Adventure with Gatwick as Your Base

If you, like most people, think of an airport as a holiday gateway, then now is the time to think again. This article outlines some activities you can try in the Sussex area.

The area offers a diverse range of activities for all members of the family and has a great variety of options for people of all ages to taste some adventure!

England's second busiest airport is an obvious place to look for somewhere to stay because of the density of hotels. Gatwick Airport Hotels has details of accommodation for this centrally located area from which to explore.

Adrenaline-Fuelled Experiences

An introduction to off-road driving - muddy, off-road driving can be great fun but it takes different skills from an urban school run. The experience covers the basics of being in charge of the car and participants are given the opportunity to drive different models. By the end of the session, you'll be driving along tracks even standard 4x4s struggle on!

Monster Truck driving - the fever gripping the USA is also sweeping the UK. With 6ft wheels and a massive 7.5l engine, this truck is unlike anything else you will have driven. There are several tricks to try on this very unusual adventure, perhaps even culminating in crushing cars!

Top Gun - if you "feel the need for speed" and have the stomach for it, this introduction to aerial acrobatics could be just the adventure you're looking for. There is a balance of theory and practical, but you will get your hands on the stick. Don't forget to have your call-sign ready!

Classic cars at Goodwood track -  this is a truly memorable experience for the petrol-head in your life! The Goodwood circuit is world famous and this opportunity allows participants to get behind the wheel of three true British classics, from Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lotus. The sounds and smells as you drive around in each of three cars are a true sensory overload.

Family Days Out

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Kids Karting -  if the children fancy trying their hand at track speed, perhaps a day go-karting is the answer!

Theme Parks -  Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures both provide all the thrills and spills of rollercoasters and tamer rides and Chessington is also home to a great range of wildlife. Some height restrictions apply for the bigger rides.

The 'staycation' has become firmly rooted in the everyday lexicon of 21st century Britain and with such variety of activity available without leaving the country, why not look closer to home for your next holiday? Companies such as gatwick airport hotels are a great place to look for your accommodation, somewhere to set up a base for your stay, whether for a weekend, mid-week break, or longer.

Alternatively, if the UK is your destination, whether for business or pleasure, wouldn't it be a comfort to know that your accommodation was just a few minutes beyond the airport? Many of the hotels offer transfers and some are so close that they adjoin the terminals via covered walkways.

Peter Smith writes regularly on travel and adventure sports for a range of outdoor activity websites and blogs. He writes here for Gatwick Airport Hotels.

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