Feb 23, 2013

5 Best Hairstyle Trends of 2013 for Short Hair

Changing your hair can be nothing short of a makeover for your face because it changes your look entirely. So, if you wish to make a drastic change in the way you look, just get a new hairstyle and you’re done. However, the problem with short hair is that since you are not used to growing it out, a bad hairstyle can be a problem. Hence, always research well about what styles are trending and look good on you before you decide on one.

2013 looks great for people with short hair because there are many hair trends you could try. Following are the top 5 hair trends of 2013 –

1.  The Modern Pixie – This unique and peppy hairstyle started with Audrey Hepburn and is still going strong with Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway. If you have naturally wavy hair that have a lot of volume, this style is best for your hair style. However, this doesn’t mean that women with straight hair can’t rock it.

Pixie gives your face some length if it’s too round and you want to tone it down. If you already have a longish face, you should avoid this style. This style is best for the following face types –
·         Heart Shaped
·         Oval
·         Square

2.   The Pompadour – The fauxhawk look is the hottest trend of 2013 and has become a rage since Pink sported it and so did Miley Cyrus. It basically involves shaving the sides and teasing the top of the hair to make it look puffy. If you can carry off funky hairstyles, go for this look and look like a rock-star.

3.   The Classic Bob – This is the classic hairstyle but 2013 has added a slight zing to it as well. Messy bobs are a rage at the moment and so are bobs with bangs and blunt fringes. Not meant for people who have curly hair, bobs work best for hair with less or medium volume. Choose a slightly longer bob is you have a round face. Basically, a bob looks perfect if you want to show off your perfect neck and jawline.

4.   Super Short – Going super short is not just for people who want funky styles but you can look classy and sophisticated with super short hair as well. There are many styles in this category that look edgy and racy and many celebrities like Miley Cyrus have sported them. Needless to say, this style is not for the gutless.

5.   Demi Bob – Demi bob is a longer bob that would end between your shoulders and neck and is very hot this year. It suits almost everyone but it’s best to add lots of layers to your hair for the added oomph. You can add fringes as well to make it interesting.

It’s advisable that you choose the best salon when you change your hairstyle because it can be tricky. Click here to check out the perfect salon hairstyles and rock the town with your new look.

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