Feb 15, 2013

4 Top Fashion Trends of Winter 2013

People tend to prefer the summer and its sunshine because of the wide variety of fashion choices they offer. No matter how much you miss it, winter is here to stay and how better to face it than fashionably. There are many fashion trends that are cool and can only be tried in the winters. You should make full use of the cold and flaunt your style, showing everyone that a fashionable diva doesn’t depend on the season.

There are many trends this year, be it clothes, accessories or shoes. Some trends stay from the previous year’s winter and some have been done away with. If you want to be fashionable this year, you must know about the following trends – 

1.   Leather – Leather is one trend that works best in winters. The main reason is that even though some people do don leather shoes in summer, it looks very uncomfortable. Not only that, it makes your feet sweaty from all the heat, no matter which brand you buy your leather shoes from. So, leather is one trend this winter 2013 and you should make full use of it.

Leather has made an appearance in the collections of most of the top designers and it seems that it is the trend of the season. Not only is it stylish but it will also keep you warm and protected from the harsh cold. Don’t be shy about trying leather, accessorize it well and be ready to turn heads.

2.   Western Boots – Do you miss the hotter season enough to go against it? If you are the bold fashion trendsetter, then western boots are certainly a great choice for you. These western boots would make you feel like you are out there in Texas, riding horses and enjoying the warm sun on your back. Boots in general are leading the fashion trends this year, be it ordinary, western or cowboy boots.

3.   Plum – Plum is the color of the season and a perfect color to follow as well. It has the slight frostiness of the winters but is bright enough to remind you of the summers you so love. Most fashion conscious people are going for a wardrobe makeover with plum as the theme. There is a lot you can do in terms of clothes, accessories and especially makeup. Not only that, if you are one of those people who want to be innovative, get plum streaks in your hair and you would surely get a lot of attention.

4.   Military – Sharp lines and those greens are back this year as military rocks the trend charts. There are a ton of boots here as well but this is one trend you can never go wrong with. It gives you a slightly rugged look. Add some broad buckled belts to your outfit and there is no stopping you.

This year’s trends are relatively safe and everyone can try them without worrying about fashion mishaps. So, be stylish and be bold!

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