Feb 28, 2013

Simple Shopping for Greetings Cards is Just a Click Away

The tradition of exchanging greetings cards to celebrate special occasions is a considerate and inexpensive way to show how much you care. Picking out a card with a nice verse or sentiment shows how much thought you have given to your loved one.

Finding the right sentiment is tricky.
Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to find a card that accurately describes your feelings, or one that has the right sort of humour or the most fitting graphics or images. Often, the sentiment can be a little too cheesy or the humour too vulgar to suit the receiver's tastes. Many people appreciate a card that has been designed especially for them and handmade cards are very popular in this respect. If you don't have the time, the patience or the craft skills to make your own cards, however, then you might want to think about using one of the many internet companies that allow you to design your own greetings cards online.

Designing online for that personal touch.
Mother's Day is one of the most opportune times to show your appreciation and love for your  

mother and everything she does to help you. This is the ideal occasion to consider designing your own greetings card via the internet. The advantage to purchasing your card this way is that you can make it truly personal. In a series of simple steps, you can pick out images and graphics, or upload your own photos and images to the front of the card. You can then apply your own text and choose from a selection of sentiments or compose your own verse. Of course, mothers appreciate cards from their offspring wherever they have been purchased. Personalised mother's day cards, though, are a wonderful way to convey the amount of thought and care that has been taken to find a card that is absolutely perfect.

Convey your feelings without the cheese!
Any woman and mother will be delighted with a card that contains personal images, such as a nice photo of her with her children and grandchildren. Perhaps a funny or amusing picture can be added to bring a smile to her face and to restore some happy memories of family gatherings. The beauty of designing your own card is that you can add some cheeky pictures, with humorous text that is completely appropriate, without causing any offence. Composing your own verse also allows you to be as sentimental and emotional as you wish, without being too corny or sickly sweet, as some pre-written card greetings can be.

Once you have compiled your design on the screen, you can make your purchase and have it sent directly to the recipient, or to your own address so that you can sign it by hand. The card will be very personal, but will have the quality and finish that a professional card manufacturer can offer.

Most importantly, a personalised greetings card will bring a smile, or even a happy tear, to the face of the person you love.

Peter Smith is a freelance graphic designer and writer who contributes to a range of online articles and blogs on design. Peter also has an interest in crafts and designs his own Personalised mothers day cards, for his mother every year.

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