Feb 15, 2013

Sky Watch : Blue Sky and Funny Cloud

Funny cloud above Sentul Hill (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia)

12 komentar:

Kim, USA February 15, 2013  

It looks like a duck cloud to me! ^_^


Karen February 15, 2013  

Oh yes for sure, it's a duck cloud!

Anonymous February 15, 2013  

Looks like a horse!

Jidhu Jose February 15, 2013  

looks good

Steffi February 15, 2013  

Very beautiful photo for SWF!Thank you for it and have a nice weekend!

Leovi February 15, 2013  

A nice cloud to travel in it.

HansHB February 15, 2013  

A lovely sky-post!
Happy SWF to you!

AmitAag February 15, 2013  

Lovely clouds!

Anne Elisabeth - Gallery Xpremental February 15, 2013  

That was a happy cloud. Fun to see.

Yogi♪♪♪ February 16, 2013  

It's a seahorse!!

thomas February 16, 2013  

It does look like a duck.

Jill Kristin Ø.Remme February 17, 2013  

This was cool! Looks like a pretty duck:)))

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