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Sep 4, 2014

Landing Moment

After flying moment shared last week, here I share some landing moment of hang gliders on a landing grass field called Ronggo Warsito (Batu Malang, East Java, Indonesia). The competition was held that day. We didn’t see the whole flights as we still had to reach another destination.

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DeniseinVA September 05, 2014  

Great series of landing photos Lina :)

Alexander September 05, 2014  

Dare devil! What an experience.

Have a good weekend!

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Lucy Corrander : Photos September 05, 2014  

There must be a good sense of welcome each time a pilot lands safely among hang-gliding friends.

Valerie September 05, 2014  

I admire the bravery of these sportspeople. For several years I had grand ideas of trying hang-gliding . . . and then I went to see some launching off a mountain - and decided I would give it a miss! (Am not usually given to such "cowardice", but the reality - and possibly wisdom - of doing so for the first time aged in my late 50's then, kicked in). Thanks for sharing pix of others not so "lily-livered"!

Leovi September 05, 2014  

Definitely a great adventure, beautiful sequence of photos.

Leovi September 05, 2014  

Definitely a great adventure, beautiful sequence of photos.

thomas September 05, 2014  

Landing moments seems more dramatic.

afanja September 05, 2014  

Wonderful serie of action shots!

Ibrahim M.Pd.I September 05, 2014  

so very very dancer ya heehee

Marie September 06, 2014  

Great photos!

ladyfi September 06, 2014  

What fun! Nice shots.

Shirley September 07, 2014  

Good series. I like the first photo here best! This isn't something I'd ever have the nerve to do but I like to see others live out these daring endeavours.

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