Oct 12, 2011

5 Safety Tips for a Kids Pool Party

If you have a backyard pool, a pool party can be a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. And while the splashes, the waves and the laughter are fantastic, it is very important to remember firstly that all kids may not be as comfortable or confident in the water as yours, and secondly, watching ten, twenty, thirty kids is much different than just watching just your own.

But don’t be deterred from putting on a great kids’ pool party – it is a fantastic part of Australian summer culture, and a great way to get the kids out of the house.

So what are the safety considerations you need to make?
1. Have a schedule
Inevitably, your party will run for more than a couple of hours. You do not want kids in the pool – or in the sun – for that period, without a break. Have a think about your party before the big day. Divide it into sections – for example, you will want to separate the eating section, from the swimming section, not only so that the kids are not full while swimming, which is a big safety issue, but also so you don’t end up with food floating in your pool. This will also help to ensure you have regulated the time in and out of the sun, so you can apply sunscreen as necessary, and reduce the risk of bad sunburn.

2. Adult supervision
Having a lot of kids to watch in the pool is much more difficult than your own kids. Enlist the help of other adults, so you always have a few people watching the pool and the kids, someone who can run around after the kids if need be, and yet more people, who can keep an eye on the food and make sure everything that needs to be done as the part progresses, is done. If adults are in short supply, head to an
events hire store and get a bain marie so you can bring all aspects of the party to the poolside. Disaster can strike in seconds in the water, so having adequate supervision is vital.

3. Safety in the water
First and foremost, head to your
pool supplies store to get a good pool filter and other pool accessories, to ensure your water is as clean as possible. Clean the surface area particularly, as kids have a tendency to get anything and everything caught in their mouth if it’s around, and this in turn can lodge in their throat and effect breathing. Likewise, having the area around your pool clean, means kids won’t trip over or slip and hurt themselves on the pool edge or on the items lying around. Even with things clean, make sure kids aren’t running as this can be dangerous.

4. Numbers
Despite all the adults, make sure you restrict the number of kids to a party like this. The adults supervising should be able to know how many kids there are and see them at all times. If your numbers are too high, this will become difficult and a child could struggle or drown in the water unnoticed.

5. Give the kids some responsibility
When the kids arrive, briefly talk to them about the rules and safety, so they are also partly responsible for doing the right thing and making the party safer.

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kalaiselvisblog October 13, 2011  

lovely post... sadly, we dont have pool... missing it...

Anonymous October 16, 2011  

Pool party is a fun activity and I too been couple of this parties and I myself become kid and joined in there fun. It’s not easy to watch kids while parting, esp. if u r a ardent part lover. Nice tips !

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