Oct 29, 2011

Ready to Watch Movie!

There’s no special occasion, actually. This photo was captured at home a few days ago, just a while before we left home for watching movie at the cinema. We both wore football club t-shirts. I borrowed his t-shirt, hehehe. He wore Chelsea club t-shirt, and I wore Real Madrid.

The photo session made us ten minutes late. The movie has been playing for ten minutes when we entered the movie theater. The movie was Killer Elite, an action movie that starred by Robert de Niro and Jason Statham. The film is full of fighting, killing, and other action scenes but it has good and complicated story. Though it’s not so bloody, definitely not a family kind movie.

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Mommy Liz October 29, 2011  

Great photo. It's great to have a you and him time once in a while. Thanks for sharing.. I will make sure to watch that movie too.

Take care Lina..

JonaBQ October 30, 2011  

Gosh! Think the last time hubby and I watched a movie together at the cinema was early this year and It's nearing the end of this year already. Plus we have our kids around And not alone heehee :D
It's ideal to have dates with your husband every week. Enjoy it Lina! Happy for u.

thanks for linking up!

eden October 30, 2011  

Nice photo of you with your husband. I haven't watched that movie.

Yen October 30, 2011  

Wow so good to see photo of you together with your hubby ms. lina. Super like:)
I will watched out for that film too, I like Jason Statham and R.De Niro.

kalaiselvisblog October 31, 2011  

cool snap... glad u 2 enjoyed ur weekend... me & my hubby never watched a movie in a theater obviously bcoz of our son... we used to get DVD's & enjoy watchg in home with our son...

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