Oct 2, 2011

Sweet Saturday : Keys to a Happy Marriage #Communication

Open Communication is a key to a happy and solid marriage. I don’t hide things from my hubby or keep secrets after marriage. We try to find time to sit and talk each other on a daily basis even if it is for only half an hour.

If you feel that you can’t share with your husband anything then your marriage is in trouble. When hubby is talking, I try to be a good listener. I may have many important things to tell him but allow him to talk first.

I try not to greet him with complaints and problems every time he comes back home. Good communication can help us to build trust and strengthen our relationship. After marriage, the wife and husband are a team or partners. I won’t take any major decisions without consulting with hubby.

Non-verbal communication like hugging is also important, as it’s sending messages like: you are the most important person in my life; I have you; thanks for always supporting me; I appreciate all the things you do for me; we’ll always be together…

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rona October 03, 2011  

Hi there! Lovely couple you are! May God bless your marriage forever.
Visiting from SS and followed you!

eden October 04, 2011  

I agree with you, Lina. Open communication is a key to a happy and solid marriage.

Lalah October 04, 2011  

As the family gets bigger and responsibilities gets heavier, finding time to talk to hubby is a bit challenging but I strongly agree with you that its a must to a happy marriage. :)

Visting you from SS

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