Oct 23, 2011

Choosing the Right Engagement Rings

Traditionally, when a young man proposes marriage to a young lady, he also presents an engagement ring as a symbol of his strong commitment. As you’ve already known, when it comes to an engagement ring; it’s mainly about the symbolism. Your engagement ring will symbolize how wonderful and priceless you and your loved one’s love is.

Diamond means infinity. That’s why diamond engagement rings are still chosen by lots of couples until now; since a diamond engagement ring represents a forever love. For many years, diamonds have become an important part in the design of engagement rings. Have you seen stunning designs of Engagement rings from Shenoa&Co? Their engagement rings collection offers you a wide option to select.

Giving an engagement ring to your loved one could be so demanding because you crave to present her the unforgettable moment with the right engagement ring; you don’t want to ruin the beautiful moment by choosing inappropriate ring. Before buying any ring, you need to identify first her fondness and her styles of jewelry.

The most common style of engagement rings is the classic solitaires. But if you think it’s already too general, you may consider alternative unique designs such as vintage design, exceptional diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or a colored diamond.

A huge, dazzling, and round solitaire is the conventional prong setting of engagement rings. You can attach some variation to the center stone with side stones. Not only diamonds, you can also use colored gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. On three-stone engagement rings, large center stones are emphasized by smaller but similar shape stones on each side.

If there are vintage rings, there will also be modern design engagement rings. For couples who prefer to modern look, contemporary designs can become their alternatives; such as the diamond encircled by metal or the two tone (platinum and yellow gold) rings with sprinkled diamonds.

As mentioned before, traditional engagement rings are diamonds, but nowadays, current engagement rings can incorporate any gemstone. You can create and choose your own design and style that more suits you.

At the present time, you can find some men who also wear engagement rings. Though it’s already becoming more familiar, lots of men are still not responsive to the trend and they tend to reject the idea of wearing engagement rings.

For your information, men engagement rings are different from women’s. It could be non-gemstones style or diamonds and gemstones style. Most of them have simpler and minimalist design; since the rings should be convenient for work, sport, and other activities. So guys, choose engagement rings that more suits your preferences and make both of you comfortable and proud wearing it!

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dafa bLog October 24, 2011  


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eden October 25, 2011  

Nice info. Thanks for sharing.

Diamond Engagement Ring December 05, 2011  

I also prefer the men ring to be without stone or may be a black diamond.

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