Oct 25, 2011

An Aviation Fuel Truck

At Juanda Airport (Surabaya, Indonesia), underground fuel pipes allow refueling without the need for tank trucks. This red truck just carry the necessary hoses and pressure apparatus, but no fuel.
Ruby Tuesday

7 komentar:

Jama October 25, 2011  

Such an eye catching colour!

Dhemz October 25, 2011  

that's very interesting...great shots Lina...thanks for coming by again!

eden October 25, 2011  

Beautiful shots.

Magical Mystical Teacher October 25, 2011  

You can't miss those trucks, that's for sure!


Yea for scarlet, yea for red!
Yea for summertime that’s fled
To some far-off frigid place,
Where no ruby shows its face!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Tired Old Apples

J.Rylie.C October 25, 2011  


Please come and take a look at some of the RUBIES at my page.

Chubskulit Rose October 26, 2011  

Pretty shots Lina.

Carletta October 27, 2011  

It's great how you captured all the little bits of red here and there in the scene!

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