Oct 16, 2011

8 Great Wedding Gifts for a New Couple

When it comes to gift buying for a new couple getting married you have the advantage that they usually don't have much in the way of household items. Whether you choose to buy a smaller gift on your own or go in with a group of people and buy a larger gift, like a quality Westinghouse fridge, there are plenty of things to choose from. If you can give the new couple any words of wisdom on their big day, perhaps getting the right home and contents insurance would be the best advice, to help protect all their new belongings.


If you want to really spoil the couple buy them a good quality fridge. If this sort of gift is way out of your budget you can always get a group of people together and all chip in to pay for it. Often this sort of group gift is a lot better than receiving a whole lot of smaller gifts that you don't necessarily need. Every household needs a fridge and the couple would really appreciate having this necessary expense bought and paid for.


If the couple are moving into an older home, they may not have a dishwasher. Another group gift idea, a dishwasher is a fantastic appliance for the busy working couple. It will come in handy later if they decide to have children – let’s face it, nobody has time to be doing dishes. There are great water saving dishwashers available today, with some that retain the water from the final rinse to use for the first rinse of the next load. You can also buy dishwashers that have two separate drawers, perfect for a couple who would not fill a whole load of dishes in a day.


Towels might seem like a boring gift, but good quality towels are expensive and a household can never have too many towels. They will need a change so they have extras while others are in the wash and it is likely they will have guests staying from time to time.

Ice cream maker

Give the couple a small appliance that is a bit of fun, such as an ice cream maker. A great gift too if the couple is going to be living in a rural area a long way from shops as it is difficult to buy ice cream and get it home without it melting. Making your own ice cream is fun, you can experiment with different flavours and it won't have all the unhealthy preservatives in it.


It might seem like a boring sort of gift but a newlywed couple will definitely appreciate receiving cash as a wedding gift. Whether they choose to spend it on their honeymoon or buy something they really want for their new home, it is entirely up to them.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are the same as cash really but you can choose where the couple can get their gift from. It also means that they will actually get a gift for themselves, rather than spending any cash you might give them on everyday things, like bills or the food shopping.


Get the couple something really special to remember their wedding such as a piece of art work. You could buy them an original painting or a hand blown vase or even a sculpture. A piece of art is a real luxury item and every time they look at it, they can think of you.


You could help the couple out by giving them a big food hamper full of items for their pantry to get them started. Buy them all the staple ingredients they will need like spices, condiments, nice tea and coffee, flour, sugar, pasta and pasta sauce and lovely items from the delicatessen like expensive cheeses and wine.

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