Oct 2, 2011

Flower of Passion Fruit

Indonesian people call the fruit as markisa. My husband can capture the flower as my neighbor has the tree. There are white flesh and yellow flesh kinds here. My neighbor has the yellow flesh one; that it’s commonly used to make thick syrup. The flower has unique shape, right?
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Tatjana Parkacheva October 02, 2011  

Beautiful flower.

Regards and best wishes

Maria October 02, 2011  

What a complicated flower! Looks great!

Anonymous October 02, 2011  

Oh I love this flower! So spectacular...and very nice pictures!

Luna Miranda October 03, 2011  

this is an absolutely beautiful flower, Lina. marvelous shots.

SandyCarlson October 03, 2011  

Very beautiful and interesting.

Chubskulit Rose October 03, 2011  

I've never had passion fruit before.Gorgeous blooms and beautifully captured too!

Hosta post, have a nice week ahead!

kalaiselvisblog October 03, 2011  

nice 2 hear about this flower... its really well captured...

eden October 04, 2011  

My first time to see flower of the passion fruit. Beautiful photos.

DeniseinVA October 04, 2011  

Such an amazing flower and all your photos are great. Thanks so much!

Grace-Life is Beautiful October 06, 2011  

Thanks for sharing this flower.
In the USA, we have seen Passion Fruit in the form of sorbets, tea bags, and juices blended with other fruits. The Passion Fruit flower almost looks like a sea anenome.

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