Oct 27, 2011

Old Cassettes

When I took these cassettes out from the cupboard, most of them are dusty. They are my father’s collection and haven’t been played for years. Most of them produced in 1970's. My father loved to listen classical and other instrumental music before. I don’t know why he don’t listen this kind of music lately. He prefers jazzy music now.

When I was still teenager, we (my brothers and I) often bought cassettes. I remember that we had all Queen, Beatles, Genesis, the Police albums. I wonder where the cassettes now; I didn’t see it when I visited my brother’s home in Surabaya, Indonesia a few days ago.

Nowadays, we can listen to music using many advanced gadgets; do you still collect cassettes? I myself never buy cassettes anymore for a long time. I just download my favorite songs now. Michael Jackson latest album is the cassette that I’ve bought for the last time.

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imriz October 27, 2011  

oh, i love police, i have the synchronicity album played on cassette then:)

Chubskulit Rose October 27, 2011  

When I was in High School, I had a few cassette tapes but they are all gone now.

Thanks for joining and for the comforting words!

Dhemz October 28, 2011  

growing up we have cassette tapes at home...likewise we have those kind of bands too...I guess they're obsolete nowadays...the era of mp3 is booming!

thanks for dropping by my Nostalgia, Lina!

mai @ redlane geraine October 28, 2011  

we still have cassete tapes now from 10 years ago and our walkman is still working. but then, my kids found some cassette tapes and pulled out all the ribbons, waahhh. thanks for sharing. i was reminded to check on ours again.

Loi October 29, 2011  

Growing up I collect cassette tapes of my favorite artists. But they are all put away and dusty in a box somewhere. I now download music or sometimes buy CD's.


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