Oct 28, 2011

Sky Watch: The Sunset and Motorcyclist

While I captured the sunset moment, this motorcycle was passing by. I thought before that it was a fail capture. But once I saw the result, why don’t I share it here? I guess the silhouette of the motorcyclist can add an interest to this pic.

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Tina´s PicStory October 28, 2011  

wonderful! :)

Roberto Machado Alves October 28, 2011  

I liked the composition.
The wires of the grid formed a very interesting graphic contrast with the landscape.

lazyclick October 28, 2011  


thomas October 28, 2011  

Nice sunset shot on the move.

Kim, USA October 28, 2011  

Amazing shot Lina!

Bridge and Sky

Anonymous October 28, 2011  

Yes -it's a marvellous photo!

kalaiselvisblog October 28, 2011  

nice shot Lina...

Animor October 28, 2011  

The motorcycle stands out great and the sunset is beautiful of course.

JonaBQ October 29, 2011  
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Wenche October 29, 2011  

How wonderful :0)

eden October 30, 2011  

It is a great capture, Lina. Love the photo.

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