Oct 4, 2011

Charities That Give Children a Chance

Every year in Australia, thousands of children are impacted by illness or circumstances that mean they don’t have the childhood they deserve. Fortunately, many Australians are very good at giving – both time and money – so volunteer and donation efforts go a long way to helping in situations where kids are ill, or in circumstances which are dangerous or not in the best interests of their wellbeing.

If you are thinking of volunteering or donating, that’s a great idea! Most big workplaces allow one or two volunteer days a year, but if you want to do it more frequently, there are a large number of organisations that could use your help after work or on weekends. If time is not your asset at the moment and you’d rather donate, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you will either help fight poverty, or fund vital research. Your donations are generally also a tax deduction, so you are also setting yourself up well for your next tax return. You could also donate children’s clothing or toys to help out.

So what organisations can you get on board with?

Cancer is a massive disease in Australia, touching every person in some way or another – whether through a family member, friend or themselves. Unfortunately, many of the sufferers are children and teenagers, meaning they never get a chance at a normal childhood or teenage years. CanTeen is an organisation that supports young people from 12-24 who are living with cancer. The organisation brings sufferers together, so they can share and relate, and also puts on leisure activities and camps so kids and their siblings can have a break from it all – and so can mum and dad.

Make a Wish
Children are afflicted by many and varied illnesses in Australia, many meaning they will not see their adulthood, and if they do, they will undertake thousands of hours of treatment and live with a lot of pain. The Make a Wish Foundation is all about granting sick kids their biggest wish. Whether it’s to go to Disneyland or become a policeman, as was the first wish granted, this foundation aims to fulfil children’s hope and dreams and put a smile on their faces.

Starlight Foundation
Again, all about the smiles, Starlight acknowledges the difficult time kids can have when fighting an illness or staying hospital for long or repeat stretches. The foundation provides a range of programs, including in hospital entertainment, to help kids smile during their stay, and if only for a moment, forget their illness.

65 Roses
Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease effecting thousands of Australians, causes lunch infections and digestion problems and can be fatal. 65 Roses is the front running fundraising organisation for the research into the disease. In the late 80’s, research enabled the CF gene to be identified, and further research being undertaken will work towards treating or curing the disease.

NSW Women’s Refuge
An amazing initiative aimed at helping women and their children escape domestic violence, the NSW Women’s Refuge is a key community-based initiative, and is vital to the livelihoods of many Australian women. Other states across the country also have similar community initiatives. Donations for funding will enable the refuge to assist more women, while donating time is a great way to help women get back on track. Donating women’s’, boys’ and
girls’ clothing can also help break the poverty cycle that can occur when a woman escapes a bad situation with her children.

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