Oct 8, 2011

What Your Children Should Know About Keeping Safe

From an early age it is important that you teach your children how to keep themselves safe. They need to understand what situations are dangerous and how they can go about avoiding them. They also need to learn to be wary of strangers. It is certainly not about frightening them but teaching them how to look out for their own safety. Sometimes accidents happen and unfortunately there are people who do intend on harming others. You can take steps towards protecting yourself and your family by putting in security doors and security screens in your home.


It is important to teach your children about the potential danger that they may face from someone they don't know. They shouldn't be taught to fear everybody but they should know that they can't fully trust someone they have only just met. They should be taught to never open the front door to strangers, particularly if you are not home, and they should definitely not go with a stranger or get into the car of someone they don't know. They also need to be told not to accept anything from a stranger, such as food or drink. They should let you open the front door, unless you say it is ok, then they should still leave the security door shut and locked. A security door is useful because you can still see out and speak to the person, but with a lot of security doors they can't see in. If your children walk by themselves to and from school they need to understand that they need to be careful and always be aware of what is going on around them. They should know never to accept a lift from a stranger.


It is important for every family to have a fire safety plan and every one should know exactly what to do in case there is a fire. Children should be taught to get down low to the ground and crawl to safety. They need to know in advance where they should get out of the house and understand that the best way out might be through a window or a back door. They should know to feel the temperature of any doors before they go through it in case there is fire in the room on the other side. As a family you should work out where you will meet if anything like this happens.

Water safety

Unfortunately there are many cases of children drowning each year. Your children should be taught how to swim but also they need to learn how to keep safe when they are around water. There are many things that can go wrong at the beach or when swimming in rivers as there are a lot of unknown factors, like tides and rips at the beach and things hidden under the water in rivers, such as tree branches and rocks. Children should understand that diving into water that they don't know the depth of is extremely dangerous. It is important that they learn to swim between the flags at the beach.

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JonaBQ October 08, 2011  

toddlers are mostly fearless so it's really important to remind them of the do's and don'ts. it's good that they feel secure in a guardian's hands.
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kalaiselvisblog October 08, 2011  

for me... this is a very vital post... my son is a toddler... its making me very much worried about safety... ur post is guides me to teach my son... thank u...

Advan Angkasa October 09, 2011  

good post, it is important to teach children.


CahNdeso October 09, 2011  

Hal yang memang seharusnya kita beritahukan pada anak-anak kita sejak mereka masih baru mulai melangkah terbata-bata. Good post, useful for all mom..

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