Aug 8, 2013

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Wedding Bands

Are you looking for a wedding band? If your future wife has worn a diamond engagement ring on her finger, you should select a wedding band that suits her previous engagement ring. Therefore you may see the best selection at wedding bands to find the right diamond wedding band. It also means that you should choose a wedding band which is created from the same metal and the diamond’s value shouldn’t have the lower quality from the diamonds on the engagement ring.

Vintage diamond wedding band

Diamond wedding bands can be made from different types of metals. So, when talking about the total value of a diamond ring; it’s not only about the gem, but the kind of metal which is used to create the ring also influences the price tag. Once you visit, you’ll see that their wedding band collection is provided in various metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, cobalt and even titanium.

Each type of metal has different characters that you should know. Choosing the right metal needs you to consider several things first, including what you do for a living and your life style.  For example, gold is possibly the most popular metal for jewelry, but actually, gold is a soft metal where its pure form never been applied as it is too soft to be used in making any jewelry item. Though it has been combined with other metals, your gold ring still can scratch immediately when it hit the hard surfaces. Thus, don’t choose this metal for your wedding band if you often face rough environment during your daily life.

Round diamond ring in black titanium

People who work in rough work environment like factories and auto repair shops will require stronger wedding bands which resist to all possibilities of the daily mistreatment. They may choose titanium or sterling silver for their tougher wedding bands. For its strength, toughness and brightness, titanium is increasingly used in making long-wear jewelry like wedding bands. Titanium ring can be your wedding band that last for decades!

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