Aug 3, 2013

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bathroom

New bathroom furniture is a great way to update your home and give a clean, welcoming look to your bathroom. But choosing the right things to buy can seem difficult. In fact, it can be quite easy if you stop and think about what kind of bathroom you have and what kind you want to have.

Small Bathrooms

When you are working with a smaller room, the key is to maximise space, so that you don't feel cramped when using the room. This means picking smaller, more space-efficient items. Cloakroom sinks are ideal. These are compact, functional wall-mounted sinks designed for exactly this purpose. As for toilets, there are plenty of smaller types available that back straight up to the wall, so that no space is wasted behind them. Shower cubicles are usually preferable to baths, though if you would prefer a bath then you should follow the same principle of picking a smaller one. Maximising space will make the room look and feel much more pleasant.

Modern Bathrooms

If you're trying to achieve a modern look, it can be a great chance to get creative. There is a thriving market of modern designs in bathroom furniture, with either sleek, sharp lines or gentle elegant curves. Many items have a slightly nautical or seaside theme, with shapes that suggest seashells. Modern items tend to be clean, graceful and fairly minimalist. They combine best with chrome taps and fittings. As for the sink, you might consider a countertop sink mounted into a cupboard unit. Not only does this look good with most modern looks, but it also gives you extra storage space. Modern bathrooms tend to have a sleek, clean look which means they are at their best when kept tidy.

Traditional Bathrooms

For all the modern items on the market, many people still prefer a traditional bathroom look. Maybe you just want something straightforward and functional, but with a little bit of nostalgic charm. Or perhaps you are going for something more elaborate, such as a room that will suggest a traditional country farmhouse or elegant Victorian manor. Either way, the obvious first step is to pick furniture in traditional shapes and styles. This probably involves a pedestal
sink, along with a toilet and bath that are either straightforward or in elegant antique shapes. Chrome taps and fittings will not be out of place, but brass- or gold-coloured ones may be even better. They will look pleasantly different from the majority of bathrooms and be old-fashioned in a way that is charming and looks good. Traditional bathrooms work best in older houses, of course, but that doesn't mean you can't capture a little old-world charm for your modern house if you want to.

If you start by identifying the kind of room you are working with, picking the right bathroom furniture can be much easier than if first appears. This will cut your options down to the relevant items, yet still leave a great range to choose from. Due to the range of different items for bathrooms on the market, you can really benefit from picking out your choices
from online.That way, you can easily and comfortably browse through the whole range at your leisure.

AUTHOR BIO: This article about picking out the right bathroom furniture from sites like was written by Matthew Scott. Matthew is a professional writer with a long history of writing about home improvement and interior design for a range of blogs and websites.

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