Aug 16, 2013

Skills To Help Your Love Life

What do you do when you meet the person of your dreams. Do you panic? Hyperventilate? Sweat?... Sound familiar?

In today’s world it can be hard to impress members of the opposite sex, especially with apps and the internet making redundant a lot of long-learned skills and putting people out of business. (think photographers and Instagram, personal servants and Siri).

But there are a handful of skills we have picked out below which we believe help you to pull. These skills will not being going out of fashion anytime soon, and never fail to impress. Why not head to The Skills Market and learn some for yourself?

Learn an Instrument

We’ve all been sat in a room painfully jealous of that guy who is just innocently playing on his guitar, yet at the same time winning the hearts of every woman in there. Why don’t you be that guy!? Learn a few chord positions in a week (start with G, D, C and A) and you will find that, magically, you will be able to play nearly every piece of successful popular music released in the last 50 years. Winner.

Learn to Cook

Taking someone to a restaurant is always a crowd pleaser, sure, but as much as you might not believe it to be true, it is not all about money. Some people like it when you use that thing in your head known as imagination and decide to cook something yourself. A few sessions on a cookery course will teach you all the basics you need to be confident enough to come up with your own ‘speciality’. Take your ‘speciality’, stir in some good wine and garnish with a sprinkle of decent movie, and you are away my friend.

Learn to Fix things

I used to be afraid of the fact that my girlfriend actually had feelings for my own Father. This obviously had me quite down for a while until I realised the cause. Strangely, it wasn’t his large stomach or balding head that was doing it for her, but rather the fact that he could fix anything that she threw at him. We are talking Rolex watches taken apart on the dining room table, iphones stripped so naked that you actually get embarrassed and have to look away. Take a course with a handyman and make sure you are the guy who can get her car started again without the help of the humiliating emergency breakdown service.

Learn to Dance

Nearly 50% of all relationships are made or broken at the point at which one witnesses their potential love-partner moving to music. That fact is purely speculative, but I believe it to be true. Please please please just learn to dance. If you are not a good dancer (and indeed some people need to realise that they just never will be) then just learn to keep your movements small. This can be hard when you’re full of booze, but trust me - it will help you to pull.

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